Cut the Fluff and revive your unresponsive metabolism,

start burning fat, &

lose inches that you can confidently KEEP OFF!

Are you sick and tired of the scale not budging?

 Have you had it up to here with starting and quitting fitness programs?

 Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, and nothing works?

If you’re nodding your head, the answer isn’t another quick fix–it’s a jump start!

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Hey there, fabulous!

Yes, you!

I know you want to lose fat, have soaring energy, be more consistent with your fitness, and get those crazy cravings under control, but years of yo-yo dieting have left you thinking “I’ve tried everything and nothing works, so what’s the point?”

But at the same time, you look in the mirror and don’t even recognize yourself:

  • Your clothes don’t fit;

  • You’re tired all the time; and

  • You haven’t exercised consistently in a really, long time!

You want the results, but you’re nervous to try something different because your track record just plain sucks.

Girl, I hear you and I get you. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve felt what you’re feeling.

The only reason I’m not there anymore is because I stopped doing what other people were telling me to do and started doing what works for me.

And in order to get there, I had to earn my metabolic baseline.

By learning to pay attention to:

  1. what and how you eat;

  2. the type of exercise you do and how much; and

  3. the signals your body is giving you,

you can literally breathe new life into your unresponsive metabolism! You can re-teach your body to burn fat by finding hormone balance, the critical element that allows you to then create a lifestyle that feels good and is sustainable!

Join now for just $199!

Hi, I’m Hilary Glaus. I’m a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coach who helps real women cut through the fitness fluff; ditch the diet BS; and create consistent, healthy habits for long-term weight loss success.

When I started my online business back in 2016, I never could have fathomed that I’d be sitting here two years later, writing a “quick results-style” fat loss program! This is because up until recently, I believed that the only way to achieve long-term success was moderation.

All my programs centered around teaching my clients how to “do” moderation without considering the fact that maybe moderation is wayyyy too theoretical and “woo-woo” for most of us, at least at the beginning!

Sure, we love the idea of moderation, but it’s a tall order given the fact that many of us carry a lot of dieting “baggage”: i.e. emotional eating, binge eating, mindless eating, night-time eating; uncontrollable cravings; emotional triggers that lead to eating when we’re not hungry, to name a few!

I realized that if these are the women I want to help–women just like me–I needed to change my approach. So instead of starting with moderation, that’s where we aim to end up.

My goal is to help you get to that point, but we have to lay the groundwork first.

Cut the Fluff lays that groundwork…but that’s why it’s not for everyone!

This program was designed for a specific woman. She doesn’t just want to follow a plan forever (even though you will at first): She truly wants to learn how to eat and dig deep discipline-wise so she can discover her metabolic baseline. 

Is that you? Awesome! Then let’s Cut The Fluff!!!

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So while Cut the Fluff may look a lot like a restrictive diet to the casual observer, it’s so much more than that!

The problem with all the quick fixes and other types of 28-day programs out there is that they give you the “what” but not the “how”.

There’s no follow through.

They don’t arm you with the tools you need to have a fighting chance of keeping the weight off after you return to “normal”.

This is why over 95% of people who diet gain all the weight back within a 5-year period.

So the way I see it, there are two major ways people approach fat loss these days, neither of which work very well for most people:

  1. Commit to a short-term program; get results; gain all the weight back; rinse and repeat, or

  2. Decide to dabble in moderation and try to manage hunger, energy and cravings with tools that don’t teach you how to balance your hormones for fat loss success. 

Cut the Fluff strikes the perfect balance between these two approaches!

We take a short, controlled period of time to get back in touch with our bodies by:

  • Dialing in our nutrition and fitness;

  • Setting the “reset” button on our metabolisms;

  • Shifting from fat-storer to fat-burner; and

  • Finding hormone balance so willpower becomes obsolete. ​​​​​​​

Once we know how to do that, we can start implementing moderation and sustainability strategies to make this a lifestyle!

So what’re you waiting for?

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I get it: right now, it’s really hard to see past the stops and starts, the failures, and the frustration.

You’re struggling big time, and Cut the Fluff sounds too much like the programs you’ve done in the past.

But regardless of whether your biggest obstacle is lack of motivation; no energy; a night-time eating habit, etc., Cut the Fluff will help you overcome it and rediscover an abundance of self-worth and self-confidence!


Join now for just $199!

What kind of results are you going to get?

This is what everyone wants to know–“It sounds great, but does it work?” Let’s let the results speak for themselves!


Average inches lost in 28 days: 7.5″

Average lbs lost in 28 days: 6.5lbs

And oh so much gained: Energy! Alertness! Strength! Confidence!

Join now for just $199


What do you get as a Cut the Fluff 28-Day Fat Loss Jump Start client?

The Cut the Fluff 28-day Fat Loss Jump Start Nutrition Guide, which includes:

  1. Food prep tips and info to help take the guesswork out of how to do this program effectively (hint: simple and easy are going to be your best friends over these four weeks!).

  2. Nutrition “rules” to follow because we underestimate the value of structure and boundaries when we’re trying to change our habits! (These will shift as we progress in the program, and for you after the 28 days, as well).

  3. Foods to stick to and foods to avoid on this program (it’s only temporary, I promise!)

  4. A sample meal plan

The Cut the Fluff 28-day Fat Loss Jump Start Fitness Guide, which includes:

  1. Weekly workout schedule for the first two and last two weeks.

  2. A blurb about rest-based training, the protocol we’ll be using to guide our workouts

  3. Notes on equipment.

  4. Cardio interval workouts (yes, cardio is a big part of this program!)

Coaching from me in a closed Facebook group for the duration of the program

  1. I’ll be in the group several times a day, M-F, posting, answering questions, popping in for live trainings and/or workouts, etc.

  2. Some of my favorite fat-loss friendly (and Cut the Fluff-approved) recipes!

  3. Plenty of opportunities to continue working with me after the 28 days are up, including discounted access to my online group coaching club, the Bonafide Fit Babes!!!


The biggest addition to this round of Cut the Fluff is the focused mindset curriculum! This bonus coaching content is designed to help boost your confidence and take your results to the next level!

Your mindset–or how you approach or think about the fat loss process–is so critical to your success.

You cannot succeed in your efforts to lose fat and keep it off if your mindset sucks, so I’ve decide that this time around, mindset will factor much more heavily into the program because in my opinion, it’s the secret sauce that’s missing between you having a goal for yourself and not only achieving it, but loving every moment of the process!

I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned over the past year about cultivating a healthy mindset (‘cause to be honest, it’s taken this long for me to get there!), and how fat loss really isn’t about fat loss at all, but rather 1) how well you know yourself; 2) what you truly value in life; and 3) giving yourself permission to be who you truly are.

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Who is Cut the Fluff for?

Women who want to get off the fat loss struggle bus once and for all and find a way of exercising and eating that feels good to them and is sustainable.

Women who are willing to follow a strict plan, trust me as their coach, and do their best to stay on track.

Women who aren’t afraid to challenge themselves and get disciplined.

Women who will avail themselves of my coaching in the Facebook group by asking questions, asking for support, and encouraging others.

Women who are willing to give up certain foods temporarily to learn how those foods affect them physically and hormonally.

Women who aren’t on the fence because their health is their number-one priority.

Who is Cut the Fluff NOT for?

Women who want to keep trying to make moderation work them without having all the facts.

Women who are wishy-washy and can’t commit to following through on a program.

Women who will sign up and then disappear.

Women who shy away from hard work and don’t have a disciplined bone in their bodies.

Women who aren’t willing to give up anything, even if it’s only 28 days.

Are you ready to double-down on yourself and get more and better results than you ever thought possible?!

Join now for just $199!


What happens once I purchase Cut the Fluff?

Upon signing up in Paypal, you will receive a welcome email from me within 10-15 minutes that includes all the information you’ll need to get started! Please make sure to check your junk and spam folders!

Is this a DIY (do-it-yourself) program? What if I’ve done many other similar programs and failed on them?

First of all, Cut the Fluff is not like other short-term programs. It’s a long-term solution, not a quick fix! The problem with most ‘quick fixes’ is that they give you the what, but not the how. They tell you what to do, and you’re expected to know how to do it! No wonder you give up–there’s no guidance!

Cut the Fluff doesn’t work like that. You’ll be guided, supported, and coached all along the way. In fact, I even developed a Cut the Fluff curriculum for the program which breaks down exactly what you’ll be learning week by week:


See?! You’re never alone, you’re never going to be stumbling around, wondering what to do next or what to focus on. As long as you use the group and reach out, I’ll be there to coach you and make sure you’re getting what you need from this program to ensure your long-term success!

What do I need to complete the strength workouts?

The workouts can be done at home or at a gym with a minimum of two sets of dumbbells, one heavy and one medium/light, and a towel or exercise mat.

What do I need to complete the cardio workouts?

You can do the cardio workouts at home if you have a flight of stairs, outside in a park or on a track, or at the gym.

Can I do these workouts at home, or do I need a gym membership?

You don’t need a gym membership to complete the workouts, although  I think it’s nice to have access to a variety of different pieces of cardio equipment to avoid boredom.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to lose body fat and inches. You will lose weight, too, although the inches are what matters because that’s how we know that you’re losing fat and not muscle! You will also see improvements in your overall strength; lose the bloat; feel more energized; and become more athletic overall.

This program eliminates foods that are known to cause inflammation and spike cravings. Without those foods in our diet, we will naturally become more tuned into how we feel eating the foods that are good for us; how much we need to feel satisfied; and how to differentiate a craving from real belly hunger.

You’ll learn to recognize when your “HEC” is in check, and what you do/feel/reach for food-wise when it’s not.

You can expect to see more results than you have ever seen on any previous diet plan; learn how to sustain them (and what to do when you fall off the wagon!); and be more confident overall in your ability to use what you’ve learned to shift from “attain” mode to moderation-mode in a way that works and feels really good to you!

What’s the eating plan like?

The eating plan is strict: 5 meals a day, 5 servings of protein (1/meal), at least 4 servings high-fiber vegetables, 4 servings healthy fats, 2 starch meals (first meal of the day and post-workout), and 1 “cheat” aka extra starch day per week (weekend evening meal).

You won’t be hungry on this plan, as fibrous, high-water content vegetables are allowed in unlimited quantities. However, this program is not easy because you are going to be eating very deliberately; planning and prepping ahead of time; and you will be learning how to deal with stressful emotions in healthier ways that don’t involve food.

This is probably the most challenging aspect of the program, but you have me, the Facebook group, and the other women in the program to fall back on for support!

Is this program for older women?

Absolutely. Many pre-and-post-menopausal women feel as though their bodies have abandoned them because they no longer understand their metabolisms and why they’re gaining weight despite “doing everything right”. This program serves as a health and fitness reset for women who want to get back in touch with bodies; get a grip on their cravings; and understand how to interpret the signals their bodies are sending instead of just reacting to their environments and the circumstances they find themselves in.

How do I reach Hilary to ask my questions?

I will be in the private Facebook group, the Cut the Fluff Locker Room, at least once a day Monday-Friday to answer your questions, provide feedback, and coach you as needed. I reply to every comment and answer every single question. Your success on this program depends on your commitment and you self-belief, but it also depends on being open to coaching and you willingness to ask the group for help to get the support and motivation you need to succeed!

Join now for just $199!

Look, this program is designed to give you everything you need to be successful at achieving fast results and learning how to maintain them for long-term success.

If I am being totally honest (and you’ll find that’s how I roll!), my true desire with Cut the Fluff is to not only help you get slimmer and stronger in 28 days, but learn to tune into your body and get in alignment with it once again–or maybe for the first time in your life. I want to teach you to work with your body, and no longer against it. 

This is your opportunity to really double down on yourself and your goals; get laser-focused; and see your efforts pay off, but I can’t click the buy button for you. I just want you to know, you’re worth it and I can’t wait to work with you.

Don’t miss you chance to take 28 days to emerge a stronger, slimmer, and more confident YOU just in time to kick off the summer!




Join now for just $199!

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