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$163 6-month membership

$29.97 monthly membership

Hey there, fabulous!

Yes, you!

I know you want to lose weight, tone up, be healthier, and feel better about yourself, but you’ve got 99 excuses for why you can’t.

At the same time, you know what you’re doing right now ain’t workin’:

  • Your clothes don’t fit;

  • You can’t stay motivated to exercise; and

  • The same old weight loss tricks aren’t working anymore.

You want the results, but you’re nervous to try something different because your track record just plain sucks.

Girl, I hear you and I get you. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve felt what you’re feeling.

The only reason I’m not there anymore is because I discovered the secret to achieving your health goals that literally NO ONE is talking about:


The Bonafide Fit Babes is a members-only coaching club for women who want to elevate their fitness, nutrition, and life using practical, realistic tools and strategies that actually work for:

  • Losing weight and keeping it off;

  • Breaking free from food obsession for good; and

  • FINALLY letting that feisty and fierce woman inside come out and embrace her best life!

Join the Bonafide Fit Babes coaching club TODAY!

In the Bonafide Fit Babes community, we hold each other accountable, encourage one another, and learn how to get out of our own way so we can succeed, one good (not perfect!) choice at a time!


$163 6-month membership

$29.97 monthly membership

You’ve gotten this far, so I know what you’re thinking:

“Yeah, but I’ve literally tried EVERYTHING. No matter how much I work out, the weight just won’t come off”.


“It’s like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back; I never make any progress”.


“I eat healthy and plan all my meals and the weight STILL isn’t coming off”!


“I’m still 10 pounds from my goal. I don’t understand why this isn’t working”.


“I’m afraid that if I lose the weight, I won’t be able to control it and I’ll gain it all back again”.


“I struggle with sticking to workouts. It’s so hard for me to stay motivated”.

Is it like I’m in your head?! If so, it’s probably because I’ve had all these thoughts myself.

Hi, I’m Hilary and I’m a practical fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coach. I help women cut through the fitness fluff to find lasting solutions to their weight loss struggles that they actually enjoy and can sustain!

As a former yo-yo dieter myself, I spent years struggling with my weight; losing and gaining the same 10-15 pounds; and doing the exact opposite of what I should have been doing to achieve the results I was looking for.

 I remember feeling so isolated and ashamed that I couldn’t stick to my diet for more than a few days. I was terrified that any weight I lost, I would gain right back (because I usually did).

It never occurred to me that maybe I was making things too hard on myself, and that doing less and having more fun in the process might actually be the key ingredients that were missing.

The Bonafide Fit Babes coaching club is the missing link to transform your weight loss journey from frustrating to failure-proof!


$163 6-month membership

$29.97 monthly membership

My biggest mistake, and why I struggled with my weight and food issues for as long as I did, is that I convinced myself that the problem was me, and that I was the only person who couldn’t follow a diet right.

Boy, was I wrong!

 It wasn’t until I found a community of like-minded women who were struggling like I was, but weren’t afraid to admit it and put their money where their mouth is that I realized:

I’m not the problem: the tactics I’m relying on (that don’t work!) are the problem!

This epiphany inspired my mission, which is to help women get unstuck health-wise and quit the pattern of self-sabotage with simple, easy-to-digest fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies!

I mean, let’s get real: we’re all incredibly busy and juggling a million different responsibilities, and yet we insist on making things so damn hard on ourselves!

Life is stressful enough—why does dieting have to be, too?!

Food is delicious and pleasurable—why should you give up one of life’s little joys?!

There are too many dieting rules and restrictions—why follows someone else’s rules when you know they don’t work?

Quick wins create momentum and keep your head in the game—who says you can’t see rapid results and learn to sustain them?!

In the Bonafide Fit Babes community, we take a unique approach to creating a healthy lifestyle:

We may challenge conventional dieting at every turn, but we don’t let ourselves off the hook! We lean into discomfort so we 1) get more knowledgeable about what our bodies need, and 2) tune into what we need to do to create healthier, more sustainable habits and maintain our results.

So wherever you are right now—at work; waiting in line at Starbucks; at home watching This Is Us; at a meal out with the fam—I want you to ask yourself:

“Is this where I want to be?”

“Is this how I want to feel?”

“What’s holding me back from investing in my long-term wellness?”

You might not like me for asking this ‘cause the truth stings. But once we know it, we can do something about it.

Once we know it, we can take the steps to get unstuck for good, which involves getting intimate with our desires.

So what is it that you really want? Is it:

  • To have more energy and the motivation to make exercise a habit?

  • To love how you look in the mirror and how your clothes fit?

  • To feel more confident about your food choices?

  • To live a healthier lifestyle that you love?

  • All of the above?

The Bonafide Fit Babes coaching club is your ticket to make these desires your new reality.

The time to level up is NOW!


$163 6-month membership

$29.97 monthly membership

I’m sensing some doubt from you, girl. You haven’t pushed that buy button yet, and I’m wondering why?

  • Is it because you can’t afford it?

If so, I have to ask: can you afford *NOT* to invest in yourself?

How many more diets, detoxes, programs, and plans that promise the world but fail to deliver are you going to pay for?

For less than the cost of your monthly entertainment subscriptions or coffee habit, you can have 1:1 high-touch fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching from me with a built-in support system.

You’ll get monthly workouts, unlimited access to my Healthy Living Resource Library, monthly challenges to keep you motivated and accountable, and SO much more!

  • Are you unsure about how online coaching can help you?

Online coaching is a novel concept for many, and it’s tempting to write it off as “not as good” as in-person coaching.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

With the way our world works these days, I can connect with you in real time and more often, so you feel like you’ve always got a place to go with your questions; for feedback; and to share your struggles and successes!

You’re truly never on your own as a member of this coaching club, something I couldn’t say if we were meeting in person (which, by the way, would cost you 25X the amount of a BFB membership!).

With all the features and benefits of a Bonafide Fit Babes membership, the value is truly unparalleled. I love this club, and I love connecting with my girls!

  • Do you need more 1:1 attention than the group environment provides?

If so, I totally get it. As a Bonafide Fit Babe, you’ll never be just a number.

I pride myself on getting to know each and everyone of my Babes, and letting them get to know me.

I want this to feel like your tribe, your place to go when you’re feeling frustrated as well as when you’re feeling triumphant.

We want to know your struggles and help you through them as much as we want to help you celebrate your successes!

But for those who want (or need) a little more access to me, I offer 1:1 coaching (email me at for more info on package and pricing!), and my BFBs get first dibs (and discounts!) on those spots as they open up!

  • Do you feel as though you should be able to do this on your own, and the problem is that you must not want it bad enough?

Girl, I felt those perfectionist feelings, too, but I’ve since learned to let that s**t go because as capable, strong, and independent as you are, you simply cannot do it alone!

Nor should you feel like you have to!

Trust me: your problem is not that you don’t want it bad enough–it’s that the tactics you’re using to get the results you want are designed for you to fail.

As a Bonafide Fit Babe, you’ll have the chance to dig in and get hyper-focused on a goal, which is appealing to our Type A personalities (lol), but you’ll have the support along the way for when s**t gets real and you’d otherwise be tempted to give up.

For the Bonafide Fit Babes, achieving goals is a given, and getting better than we were yesterday is guaranteed!

This is YOUR time–don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


$163 6-month membership

$29.97 monthly membership

OK, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty ’cause I know you mean business!

What do Bonafide Fit Babes coaching club members get?:


At least 4 new workouts per month (I tend to randomly drop fresh, new quickie workouts in the group whenever, too, so it’s always a surprise!). Some months, you’ll even get a complete, full-length strength program for the gym or home!

Full-length video tutorials that include modifications for more complex movements and form cues.

A monthly programming calendar to take the guess work out of what to do when.

Ongoing fitness gem-droppin’ (i.e. education!)


Nutrition coaching/education that’s focused around what’s realistic, sustainable, and fun (because what’s the point otherwise?!)

Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy recipes that are as delicious as they are easy ’cause I’m NOT a cook and can’t be bothered!

Real, honest, authentic, and deeply-personal guidance and strategies around how to reform bad nutrition habits that are keeping you on the struggle bus (‘cause whatever you’ve struggled with, I have, too ❤)!


Access to me as your coach and cheerleader, M-F, to troubleshoot your struggles and clear a path for weight loss success!

Daily themed posts to keep you engaged and motivated!

Virtual trainings on the regular to keep you focused and help you avoid self-sabotaging (which we ALL struggle with!), including the occasional expert guest speaker!

Monthly themes and challenges voted on by the group to keep you engaged, interested, and entertained!

Bi-weekly face-to-face virtual meetings via Zoom to check in and goal-set together for the week!

An opportunity to connect, seek support from, and hold yourself accountable to other like-minded women with similar goals and aspirations to live a fit, healthy life that’s aligned with your values!

Access to my ever-growing vault of healthy lifestyle resources!

✅And SO much more!

Who is the Bonafide Fit Babes coaching club for?:

👍🏻Women who struggle with fitness motivation and sticking to a workout schedule.

👍🏻Women who tend to start too big, get overwhelmed, and go back to their old habits.

👍🏻Women who want to lose weight and tone up without sacrificing their lifestyle and favorite foods to do it.

👍🏻Women who’ve tried it all and still aren’t getting the results they want.

👍🏻Women who’re looking for support, accountability and encouragement to stay on track.

Who is the Bonafide Fit Babes coaching club NOT for?:

🚫Women who’re looking for a quick fix and go on their merry way.

🚫Women who love rules and want a program to follow to the T.

🚫Women who want to be told exactly what to do and need a lot of hand-holding.

🚫Women who think think white-knuckling their way through a miserable meal plan and exercise program is the key to results (no pain, no gain, right?!)

🚫Women who don’t need (or want) the support of a group and prefer to do it on their own.

Uh, no thanks!

The Bonafide Fit Babes community is the missing link in your weight loss success story.

It’s BS that we “should” be strong enough to overcome every excuse, and can only rely on ourselves to get the results that we want.

We’re conditioned to believe that if we really want to change, the drive must come from within and it should be strong enough to overcome everything and every excuse.

I learned this lesson the hard way: For the low price of $29.97/ month or $163/six months, let me help you so you don’t follow in my footsteps!


$163 6-month membership

$29.97 monthly membership

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens once I purchase my membership?

Upon signing up in Paypal, you will receive an email in your inbox within a few minutes that will ask you to confirm your subscription. Once you do, you will receive a welcome email from me with all the information you’ll need to get started.

How does payment work? 

Monthly subscribers: all payments are automatic, recurring on a monthly basis. The payments will be deducted from your account via Paypal.

Six month subscribers: you will have a one-time payment at the onset of your six month commitment. The single payment will be deducted from your account via Paypal upon sign up. [For six-month subscribers, I’m offering a 14-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! So you’ve *really* got nothing to lose!]

What happens if I want to leave the group? 

Monthly subscribers: You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time via your Paypal account. Once you cancel, you will be immediately removed from the group. Be mindful to cancel before your monthly billing date, as no refunds will be offered for any lost weeks.

Six month subscribers: Once you purchase your six months in the club, you’re in for six months and there will be no refunds offered.

What happens if I leave the group and want to rejoin at a later time? 

You will always have the option to return to the group at its most current price point.

What do I need to complete the workouts?

The workouts can be done at home or at a gym with a minimum of two sets of dumbbells, one heavy and one medium/light. Resistance bands/mini bands are also recommended but not required.

Depending on the monthly theme, I will be introducing you to different pieces of fitness equipment, such as stability balls, kettlebells, etc. You may consider investing in these for additional options, but purchasing them is not required.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to lose body fat, get leaner, get stronger, have boundless energy, move with less pain or discomfort, and feel more athletic overall. You can expect to develop a healthier relationship with food; overcome food FOMO (fear of missing out); understand your triggers and cravings and why you reach for food when you’re feeling certain emotions, etc. You can expect to see more results than you have ever seen on any previous diet plan; learn how to sustain them (and what to do when you fall off the wagon!); and more confident in your ability to live a healthy lifestyle over the long term–if you do the work, ask for the support you need, encourage others, and SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF!

How do I reach Hilary to ask my questions? 

I will be in the private Facebook group a minimum of once per day Monday-Friday to answer your questions, provide feedback, and coach you as needed. I will also be posting daily to keep you motivated and on track. You’re encouraged to “check in” daily on the “pinned post” with comments, questions, and/or selfies!

Because this is group coaching, you will not have coaching access to me via email or text. If you are more interested in a 1:1 coaching coaching package, please email me directly at so we can discuss other options!


$163 6-month membership

$29.97 monthly membership

Look, this program was designed to give you everything you need to be successful at going after and achieving your health and wellness goals.

If I am being totally honest (and you’ll find that’s how I roll!), my true desire with the Bonafide Fit Babes coaching club is that you create even bigger goals because achieving your initial ones came with incredible ease.

This is your opportunity to get off the struggle bus, but I can’t click the buy button for you. I just want you to know, you’re worth it and I can’t wait to work with you.

Don’t miss this chance! Take advantage of this special pricing now (before it’s gone for GOOD!)




$163 6-month membership

$29.97 monthly membership

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