It’s Friday (as I’m writing this), so the weekend is here!

For many of us, the weekend is a welcome reprieve from the daily grind: we can sleep in, we don’t have such a rigid schedule, there’s time to relax and have fun…

But for some of us, the weekend can be anxiety-inducing because it usually means less meals at home…which means more opportunities sabotage our diet.

We don’t want to give in to all the temptations, but sometimes it’s easier to just say “What the hell!”, indulge, and promise to get back to the regular routine on Monday.

But this never feels fulfilling. We never quite get any satisfaction out of it, do we?

I know in the past when I would use socializing on the weekend as an excuse to give in to temptation, I never felt like it was worth it. On top of the guilt of “ruining” my diet, I’d feel angry at myself and my friends/coworkers/family members for “making” me do it.

I’d play the victim all day Sunday and be even more resentful that I had to start all over.

If this sounds at all familiar, I want to share some simple tips with you that will help you navigate those tough social situations without completely giving into temptation or feeling like you have to avoid them all together!

1. Don’t rely on willpower alone.

Willpower is not a reliable tool because it’s like a battery: it’s strongest at the beginning of the day, but loses it’s “charge” as the day wears on. If you’re heading to happy hour or dinner and drinks, take some time to reset or recharge your willpower by having a high-protein snack with fibrous veggies. This will take the edge off any cravings you may have and give you just enough willpower to pause before impetuously ordering those smothered nachos.

2. Be prepared (or prepare to fail).

In addition to having a snack to help stabilize your blood sugar and keep your cravings in check, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the menu of whatever place you’re headed to first so you know 1) what to order that’s a healthy, but maybe not perfect, choice; and 2) what to avoid.

Take the time to decide “Will I indulge in something decadent food-wise?” or “Am I going to save my calories for my favorite cocktail?”

I have a great freebie called The Savvy Diner’s Menu Guide that will help you decode all those buzzwords on restaurant menus that make it hard to figure out what’s a good choice and what’s a calorie killer! Use this guide to help you make better–not perfect!–choices when you’re out and about without feeling FOMO or blowing an entire days’ worth of calories on one appetizer!

3. Remember you always have a choice.

I think we often forget that 1) what we decide to eat (or not eat) is our business and no one else’s; and 2) we are the one who decided to start paying attention to what we eat, and no one’s forcing us to do it.

You are 100% in control. It may not feel that way all the time, but I like to think about it like this: all the choices I’ve made up to this point had lead me to where I am, so I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. If I want to change it, I get to change my choices–it’s entirely up to me!

Notice how I tell myself “I get to” rather than “I have to”: I don’t “have to” do anything, just like you don’t have to say no to those five cocktails and entire left side of the menu! But if changing my eating habits and my physique as a result is important to me, I get to make healthier choices and see the results I want.

And that’s empowering!


3 Super-Simple Tips to Avoid Self-Sabotage in Social Settings

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