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Welcome to vlog #2! In this video, I’m talking balance–but not in the way that you might think!

When I used to think of the word ‘balance’, I’d immediately think “unachievable”, “impossible”, “something other people have and I never will”, etc. Balance was a foreign concept.

But then I realized that I can redefine balance for myself–it doesn’t have to mean all things in equal proportion, or that if my life isn’t always 100% harmonious, I’ve somehow failed.

For me, balance is about defining priorities and doing what I can, within reason, to keep those priorities at the forefront. I find that when I do that, I achieve my definition of balance, and it feels really good!

So hopefully this video will help you achieve that for yourself! (Scroll down for show notes!):


  1. [0:44] The 3 key words that have helped me achieve balance with my nutrition and exercise: Permission, Consistency, and Patience.
  2. [0:59] Permission: What is it, and why is it necessary to achieve the results that you want?
    1. I talk about how I used to get so frustrated when I couldn’t do things perfectly, even though I was forcing myself into an impossible situation.
    2. [1:50] You can’t do a cookie-cutter program if you want long-term results: you’ll only get frustrated.
  3. [2:25] We humans do a lot to make things more difficult for ourselves! We’d rather deal with the devil we know than the devil we don’t, i.e. keep dieting instead of trying something different, EVEN THOUGH we know dieting doesn’t work!
  4. [2:52] Give yourself some permission to do something different–the old way will always be there for you!
  5. [3:20] No food should be off limits. If I give myself permission to eat the foods I want, I no longer have to fight cravings, so I no longer want EVERYTHING. I can be more discerning.
  6. [4:13] Consistency: What is it, and why it’s not a sexy topic in health and fitness!
    1. This belief perpetuates the binge-restrict cycle
  7. [5:04] Why consistency is crucial and helps us avoid using our willpower
    1. [5:28] Strategy #1 to get more consistent
    2. [5:49] Strategy #2 to get more consistent
  8. [6:39] Patience: What is it, and why do we need to have it?
    1. [7:07] We have to keep persisting despite setbacks to get results; this requires a HUGE mindset shift because the quick results’ programs don’t work (the faster it comes off, the faster it goes back on!)
  9. [7:52] What’s the key to creating a heathy lifestyle?
  10. [8:35] A skipped workout or a week off is not so big a deal in the grand scheme of things when we approach this as a lifestyle/lifetime thing and not something with a defined beginning and end!
[VLOG] How to strike a healthy dose of balance with your nutrition and exercise

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