I used to be a cardio addict.

Like most people, I started running because I wanted to lose weight.

And I believed that I had to lose a certain amount of weight before I could start strength training.

I’m not really sure why I believed this–I’d read it somewhere online or in a women’s magazine–but it stuck with me.

In my mind, cardio was the key to the leaner, more toned, more fit body that I wanted.

Little did I know that all the cardio I was doing was actually working against me!

When it comes to cardio, we eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. This means that we hit a point after which more and more exercise does more harm than good.

This is because our bodies are very clever: they adapt. They get used to those 5-,10-, even 15-mile runs, and after a while, the results drop off.

We have to keep adding more and more volume to keep seeing results, but this isn’t benign!

The more exercise we do, the more fatigued we get.

The more fatigued we get, the more likely we are to get injured.

Ever notice how runners are frequently injured? It’s because that repetitive motion, day in and day out, often without enough rest in between, makes us more susceptible to injury.

Despite my opinions about cardio, I don’t think it’s bad. In fact, I think it’s pretty effective!

But when it comes to cardio, I need it to be palatable. For me, that means that it can’t  “look” like cardio, lol.

What do I mean?!

I mean I want my cardio mixed with strength training so I can get more bang for my buck!

Cardio strength training kills two birds wth one stone: the combination helps you burn fat and build muscle at the same time by elevating your heart rate and boosting your metabolism!If you’re skeptical, I understand.

But let’s let these photos speak for themselves:


These ladies recently completed a 12-week physique transformation program, and they didn’t run a single lap around the block or set foot on a treadmill!

They strength trained for an hour, 3-4 days per week for 12 weeks, and the only “cardio” they did were their 5-8 minute finishers.

Each of the four ladies started the program at completely different fitness levels.

And they all ended the program with amazing physique results; increased confidence; renewed energy; and motivation to keep the momentum going!

I get it: not everyone has time to dedicate an hour, sever times a week, to an exercise program.

But I bet you have 30 minutes…20?…18?

If you’re feeling like it’s time to kick your fall fitness goals into gear, but you don’t know where to start, join the Best-Bang-for-your-Buck, free, 7-day exercise challenge!

The #BBBchallenge is designed to

  • kick-start your metabolism;

  • deliver rapid results; and

  • show you how to sustain them over the long term!

While a physique is not made–or broken!–over 7 days, this challenge will give you the jump start you want and the tools you’ll need to keep the momentum going long after the challenge is over!

We kick things off on Wednesday, Sept. 13th. Grab your spot here!:


Not all cardio is created equal: Do the “right” cardio, get REAL results

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