Did you know that many commercial gym’s business model depends on people like you?

Yes, you. People who have gym memberships but don’t use them. 

Gyms build their business model around us not showing up. If you are not going to the gym, you’re actually the gym’s best customer because they have wayyyyy more members than they could actually accommodate. 

Because there are so many “affordable” gym options out there right now, we justify that we can afford not to go.

In our minds, we think “it’s just $10,” which isn’t enough of a financial hurdle to overcome to compel us to “get our money’s worth.”

Skipping the gym is less costly than the mental investment it takes to the motivation to go and work out.

This means that you’re spending anywhere from $10-$50 a month to use a facility a handful of times where you’re just another number. 

No one knows your name.

No one knows your story.

No one cares if you’re achieving your goals or not.

The gym has a bottom line, and it relies on your lack of motivation to meet it!!!

Let’s assume for a second that you go to the gym more regularly than the average person.

You go at the same times every week and use the same equipment. Sometimes you use the elliptical, and sometimes it’s the treadmill. If you’re feeling frisky, you’ll even hop on the Stairmaster! 

But you’re relegated to the cardio equipment, and you’re starting to realize that you’re not getting the results you want.

You start to notice a few gym goers who are very fit and toned. You notice they spend most of their time in the weight room, but you’re too intimated to step into that space.

You don’t have a clue what to do, and you’re afraid of looking stupid and everyone staring at you.

So you hire a personal trainer, a woman you’ve seen around whose physique you envy. 

You want to look like her, so you hire her! Simple enough, right?

You purchase a package of 12 sessions for $720 dollars and you’re pumped to start!

Your new trainer destroys you on the first day. You hate/love every minute of it, and even though you’re soreAF, you decide to hit up happy hour with the girls to celebrate your new “fit and healthy lifestyle.”


You have several margaritas, chips and guacamole, the whole 9! But, you figure, at least you worked out.



Fast forward a month, and you’re dragging a$$.

You energy’s low, you’re hungry all the time, and you’ve cancelled several sessions with your trainer due to soreness.

  • You didn’t think it was going to be this hard.

  • You thought you would have seen results by now.

  • You didn’t think you’d struggle so much to stay motivated. 

You’re ready to throw in the towel, cancel the gym membership and the training sessions because what’s the point?

You don’t feel like you know your way around the gym any better than before. You hired a trainer to get you in shape, and all she did was run you ragged for four weeks.

You don’t even feel motivated enough to go back to your elliptical trainer.

The problem here is not with the gym or the trainer: rather, it’s with our mindset. 

We put so much stock–emotional and otherwise–in our health, that when it doesn’t work out, we really question ourselves:

What the hell am I doing wrong?

But here’s the thing: it’s not you. It’s how we approach our health, and how we equate money spent with results achieved. 

Unfortunately for us, money ≠ health. 

So what’s the solution?

In my opinion, there are two major reasons why this scenario rarely pans out:

  1. We invest in a trainer, not a coach; and 

  2. We overestimate our ability to do this on our own.

Many people invest in personal training sessions because they 1) want to look like their trainer; and 2) want someone to push them harder than they’ll push themselves. 

Fine, but any dude or dudette off the street can take $85/hour from you and run you ragged!

NOT every dude or dudette can provide you with the strategies and tools you need to help you avoid overindulging out at happy hour with the girls (or any other time, for that matter!).

He or she may not know the first thing about how to help you:
  • Overcome your excuses to not work out or eat healthy;

  • Achieve your goals despite the lure of immediate gratification; or

  • Believe in yourself and your ability to finally get the results you want.

This is where the value of a coach becomes crystal-clear. 

A coach can do everything a trainer can do–and more. Add to that a group of like-minded women who are on the same journey as you, and will be inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and holding you accountable every step of the way?!

Girl, that’s magic.

You don’t have to do this alone. 

In fact, having tried and failed myself more times that I can to recount, I know from experience that the key to results is having support from other like-minded women that get you.

Unlike some random personal trainer, we can relate to your struggle because we share it.

As a member of my new online group coaching club, The #StriveToThriveSquad, you’ll have full access to me as your coach, helping you to identify your specific struggles. We’ll figure out strategies for you to try, and the whole crew will be standing by to encourage and support you!

Fall enrollment is NOW open! Grab your spot now (we officially start on October 2nd!)

How that gym membership is costing you more than your hard-earned money

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