Girl, sometimes I just don’t wanna work out. 😜

This may come as a surprise to you, but just because I’m a fitness professional doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from lack of motivation.

In fact, I think I suffer from it more often than most.

I go through loonnnngggg stretches when it’s all I can do to get my butt to the gym.

Sometimes, I’ll already be AT THE GYM to coach, and I STILL struggle to get my workout in!!!

What gives?!

Well, what I used to consider a monster flaw has sort of become my secret weapon.

I may rarely be motivated to work out, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do it and that I don’t enjoy it once it’s happening (and especially once it’s over!)

Once I accepted (begrudgingly) that my default is to not be motivated, instead of fighting it, I decided it would make my life easier to work with it.

Because not working out was not a solution (sometimes, it’s what I need, but most of the time when I don’t want to exercise it’s due to pure laziness or feeling like I don’t have the time!), I had to find a solution (or solutions!) for my chronic lack of motivation.

The first step? Acceptance.

Seriously, sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is give in. Not give up, but give in. There are forces out there more powerful than we are, girl; it’s up to us to determine how to navigate around them!

Funnily enough, admission of this “flaw”, or naming my kryptonite, brought out my inherent competitive tendencies. Because I was plagued by lack of motivation, I found myself busting through my excuses more easily because I wanted to prove myself wrong!

(See, reverse psychology does work!)

But in addition to exploiting my competitive nature, I needed more strategies because, well, I get bored.

Here are 4 ways I’ve managed to get and stay consistent with exercise for over five years now, despite my pitiable lack of motivation, LOL:

1. Visualizing myself post-work: I know how much better I’m going to feel post-workout. Whenever I complete a workout, I try to really capture that feeling for later because I know I’ll need it. This helps me the next time I feel less-than motivated, and it’s a tool I can use all day leading up to my workout–it pumps me up!

2. Delayed gratification: I try to leave alllllll the fun stuff ’til post-workout. That way, I’m taking advantage of my most productive time of day (morning, early afternoon), and I have something to look forward to.

3. Self-negotiation: I don my used car saleswoman hat and give myself a pep talk. I negotiate: “Can you give me 10 minutes, Hilary?” and typically, I can…and then some. ‘Cause overcoming inertia and actually getting to the gym is the hardest part. Once I’m there, I’m fine. And if I’m still not feeling it 10 minutes in, I have permission to get outta dodge!

4. Accountability: They may not even know they’re helping me, but knowing my #squad is out there is enough to get me through the toughest bouts of lack of motivation. The thing about having accountability partners is that while they aren’t always there, pushing you, they’re always there in spirit.

I can summon my supportive #squad when I need to, and thinking about them sending me positive vibes invigorates me! It’s like an immediate jolt of motivation when I need it the most.




If you’re struggling with motivation, one of the most effective ways to overcome inertia is to get accountable! If you’ve got someone consistently showing up for you, you’re not going to blow them off (unless you’re an a**hole, which you’re not 😘 ).

If you’re ready to level up and find the #squad that’ll push you to achieve your goals; help you get more consistent with your exercise; and help you ditch the diet mentality for good, boy do I have something good for you!

My brand-new, members-only group coaching club, The #StriveToThriveSquad is NOW accepting new members!  Enrollment’s open ’til FRIDAY, 9/29 at 11:59 pm, so GRAB YOUR #squadspot NOW!!!

How admitting THIS to myself helped me get MORE and BETTER results

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