Back when I was running for exercise (that caveat is necessary because all the running I do these days is to catch the bus or train, LOLOLOLOL!), I was obsessed with “Ooooh, what’s the latest gadget?!”

I coveted those fancy Polar watches that tracked pace, distance, splits, heart rate, calories burned, etc.

I comparison-shopped and eventually settled on the one I *had* to have:

I asked for it for my birthday and my parents (awesome as they are!) came through. I was pumped!

I tried it out for my very next workout, and…I loved it!

  • I loved how fancy it made me feel.
  • I loved how sleek it was, and all its features.
  • I especially loved how it solidified me as a “real athlete” (because we all know that a fancy watch is what makes an athlete! #notethesarcasm)

I wore it religiously for the next several months. Then…I started losing interest.

The features no longer excited me.

I loved seeing “total calories burned,” and that was about all I wore it for.

Basically, the gadget had exhausted its novelty and *not* coincidentally, my enthusiasm to workout, my motivation, my interest in “changing my lifestyle for the better” went right along with it.

The watch didn’t change anything. 

I was still struggling, and now it was tinged with guilt because I rarely touched an expensive gift that my parents went out of their way to buy for me.

A few years after that, the FitBit craze was in full-force. From what I can tell, it still is:

Everyone and their mother seems to have one of those tell-tale bands on their wrist!

Despite the sheer number of sales of these gadgets, so many people are are still struggling…

FitBits, Garmins, and all those other fitness gadgets are like supplements: they should enhance and support what’s already a strong foundation, not replace them.

A FitBit won’t make you healthy. It won’t motivate you to exercise (at least not over the long term), and it certainly won’t take the place of:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Regular exercise (specifically strength training)
  • Adequate sleep
  • Sufficient rest and leisure
  • A mindset shift

This is my big problem with these products: they sell you a bill of goods that they can’t possibly manifest.

It’s our job to take control of our health and build the lifestyle that we want…not a FitBit’s.

But unfortunately many people don’t want to do the work. They’d rather invest in stuff and keep spitballing to see what sticks…

Well, nothing’s going to stick over the long haul.

FitBits are a fitness crutch. They are the  ‘shiny objects’ that divert our attention away from what’s most important: our health.

I know, I know! You’re probably thinking, “Hilary, what are you talking about?! That’s exactly what FitBits are supposed to do, make us think more about our health!”

And to that, I’d ask you: “But do they actually do that, though?”

Sure, they occupy our attention because of all the nifty features: calories burned, heart rate variability, pace, distance, etc. This is all useful, objective information that we can apply to help us improve our output, become more efficient athletes, set PRs, etc.

Some gadgets even monitor our sleep patterns, which is great information to know!

But I’d argue that many people don’t use their FitBit as a biofeedback tool to enhance what they’re doing already…because they bought the Fitbit with the expectation that it alone would catalyze some grand change in their life.

But FitBits are not magic beans.

Like diets and detoxes, FitBits can temporarily change our behavior. They can motivate us and keep us entertained for a period of time.

But the results–like my interest in my gadget!–are short-lived because instead of addressing the deeper issues why I struggle to make my health a priority, I continue to place the burden of my results on others or other things.

FitBits are a tool. They are not a solution.

A FitBit’s not going to be what pulls you out of bed when it’s still dark so you can get that workout in.

A FitBit’s not strong enough to overcome the “I don’t have time” excuse, or any of the other most-common excuses we cite for why we skip a workout or can’t make exercise a regular habit…

There’s a learning curve to getting more consistent with exercise and nutrition, but it doesn’t have to be as miserable and isolating as it has been!

If you’re sick of the struggle, I understand. While there’s no short cut to better health, the experience can be a whole lot more enjoyable when you have a support system in place. 

My new, members-only online group coaching program, The #StriveToThriveSquad is just that–a built-in support system! I’ll be there to coach you through your unique struggles, while the other women in the group will help hold you accountable and push you beyond those self-imposed limits!

Enroll here!

This group coaching program is for you if you want to:

♦ Cut through the noise and figure out exactly what to focus on to make the biggest impact on your goals;

♦ Work smarter, not harder to achieve fat loss (if that’s your goal); and

♦ Transform your mindset around food and your body so you can thrive in your life!

And of course, the squad’ll be here through it all to push when you need it, motivate you from a distance, encourage you, and most importantly: not let you give up.

Make sure you ACT FAST! Fall enrollment closes on Friday, 9/29, at 11:59 p.m.! Grab your spot now!


Why FitBits are Actually a Waste of Money

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