Whew, it’s been quite a year.

It seems like every time I scroll through my Facebook feed, check out Twitter, or peruse Instagram, I see a post from someone who just can’t wait for 2016 to be over.

To be honest, I totally understand the sentiment. It’s been rough!

What with all the celebrity deaths, the Election (yeah, it deserves to be in caps!), the myriad global crises, among many other things, 2016 has given us a lot of reasons to say, “Good riddance!”

I used to always look forward to the New Year with plenty of anticipation, eager to leave the old year (and the old me) behind.

This was especially true of the years when I was yo-yo dieting, and the holidays usually turned into a binge-fest of epic proportions.

What happened between November-December would often cast a shadow on the entire year, leaving me feeling disconnected, bereft, lonely, sad, and unfulfilled…

The promise of a new year gave me hope…hope that *this* would be the year that I finally felt comfortable and at ease in my own body and with my own life.

Now don’t get me wrong! I don’t regret those times because in retrospect, I had to go through that to get to where I am today.

I feel like a full-realized human being, but I’m not in denial: I have my flaws and my shortcomings.

I have plenty of things I have to work on, but I now know that just because 2017 is right around the corner doesn’t mean that everything will magically change at 12:01 a.m. on January 1st!

So instead of wishing 2016 away prematurely, why not embrace the last few days and use them to introspect a little bit?

Here are my 16 suggestions for how to remember 2016 fondly:

  • Think about a person with whom you had a positive interaction in 2016. Let them know how much it meant to you: Showing gratitude for a positive experience is like the gift that keeps on giving! It create a tidal wave of good vibes.
  • Think about something you were struggling with this time last year that you’ve resolved and how that makes you feel: This time last year, I was much less confident about my abilities as a business owner. After 11 months in a mentorship to level up my body, mind and business with my mentor, Jill Coleman, I feel so proud of how far I’ve come.
  • Think about an important lesson that you learned in 2016 and how it’s impacted your life since: I learned how to ask for what I’m worth. This mental shift helped me get more serious as an online entrepreneur as well as a personal trainer who works with in-person clients.
  • Think about the best gift you received in 2016 and why it was so special: My best gift I received in 2016 is the privilege to work with 1:1 and group coaching clients on their fitness and nutrition goals. I love helping women see how a lot of the what and why around our eating habits have to do with the stories we cling to about ourselves that aren’t real. The “aha” moments they experience as they re-write those stories is priceless.
  • Think about the best book you read in 2016 and recommend it to a friend: I already did this! I read “Women, Food and God” by Geneen Roth and recommended it to my friend and fellow coach, Melanie!
  • Think about the best compliment you received in 2016 and repeat it to yourself: The best compliment I received was that I am “real” because I share insights from my own food and diet struggles. This just motivates me to keep sharing in an honest and transparent way.
  • Think the people in your life that you love unconditionally. Then remember that those people feel the same way about you: Doesn’t think make you feel so warm and fuzzy?! Doesn’t it give you a bit more perspective and allow you to see yourself in a new and less critical light?
  • Think about an obstacle you overcame in 2016 and what you learned as a result: 2016 was all about learning curves and getting beyond them for me. I worked really hard to master moderation, and one way I did this was always practicing leaving something on my plate. I learned that we often clean our plates more out of habit than anything else, and I don’t want habit to dictate what and how I eat!
  • Think about the most significant thing that you stopped doing in 2016 and for which your life is much better: I stopped eating when I’m not hungry, and investigating why I feel drawn to food in those moments instead of some other, more productive behavior.
  • Think about the things you did in 2016 that were free and from which you derived great pleasure. Vow to do more of them!: Oh boy! I did an amazing program that helped me add inches of muscle to my frame. I got more manicures. I treated myself to more haircuts. I spent more time with the people who make me better, and plan to do much more of it in 2017!
  • Think about the best meal or dish you prepared or ate out in 2016. Make it again or treat yourself to it!: I ate Korean bbq for the first time and loved the experience. I plan to take my girlfriends out for a meal, Sex and the City-style!
  • Think about the way you most enjoyably pampered yourself in 2016. If you can’t think of an anything, think about what you would most enjoy and go do it!: I got an amazing deep tissue massage. I will be getting plenty more of them in 2017!
  • Think about the piece of clothing you wore with the most confidence in 2016. Wear it more often and/or buy it in more colors!: This one’s hard, but if I have to name something, I’d say my cropped orange sweater. Orange is my favorite color and wearing it makes me feel so happy and confident!
  • Think about how the USA rocked the Summer Olympics. Watch some footage on YouTube and relive the glory: I have two words for you: Simone Biles!!!
  • Think about the piece of entertainment that most had you in stitches in 2016. Go experience it again and laugh to your heart’s content!: I could watch Carpool Karaoke with James Corden over and over and over!
  • Think about how much you were looking forward to 2017…feel any differently now?!?!
16 Reasons To Raise a Glass to 2016

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