Hey guys!

I have been hard at work putting together the workouts for my upcoming one-on-one fat-loss and lifestyle coaching program, Live.Lift.Love how you eat, (#LLL, for short!).

After spending several hours this past weekend shooting photos and video demos for all the workouts, I even surprised myself at how efficient and effective these babies are!

As you know, #EEE, or Efficient, Effective Exercise is the #1 consideration for me when it comes to training.

I like mixing up the training modalities and equipment, but the underlying principle is always the same: it’s gotta be #EEE.

In my experience, my body responds best to a program that mixes up high intensity circuit training with weights and the slower, more conscious diligence required for powerlifting. I like the combination of quick, efficient, and effective; and deliberate, efficient and effective. See, efficient doesn’t always mean quick, and effective doesn’t always mean long!

It’s all about finding the right combination for your body that will elicit the best results.

So without further ado, check out Shoulder-Smolder, a 15-minute upper-body doozy that will help sculpt some damn enviable shoulders for all those summer tops! If you try it out, let me know how it goes!

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My #1 Training Consideration & a *NEW* workout for you!

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