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Prioritize protein and fiber-rich foods
Protein and fiber-rich foods increase satiety and stabilize your blood sugar. It’s a win-win because these foods provide bulk and volume without adding too many calories, so yup stay satisfied longer with fewer dips in your energy levels. You get much bang for your proverbial buck with these foods because it’s hard to really overdo it: realistically-speaking, how much chicken breast can you really eat after all?!? The same goes for high-fiber foods, which have the added benefit of keeping you regular (!) If the bulk of your diet (80% or so) is comprised of quality protein and fiber-rich foods, you’re well on your way to avoiding the common pitfalls that befall us when it comes to eating in a way that aligns with our goals. 
[Foods that are high in fiber & protein! Sources, clockwise
from upper-left: Greatist ~ Minimalist Baker ~
Nature’s Secret ~ Livestrong
Does anyone else notice that it seems as though, right around this time of year, clean protein sources and vegetables all but disappear from peoples’ consciousness?!? So while the goal may be to prioritize these foods to get the most mileage out of our calories, this time of year presents a unique conundrum. I’ve been to countless holiday parties between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I’m pressed to find a green leaf, spear, or bean anywhere! Even protein un-sauced and outside of some pastry shell is hard to come by. And for those who consider raw veggies an alternative for those who choose not to indulge their every tasty whim this time of year: I’m sorry, but plain crudités is just not going to cut it.
If you think the gathering you’re heading to will be a vegetable-and-protein desert, there are certain things you can do to ensure that you don’t fall prey to overindulgence. Firstly, consider bringing a large dish that fits the bill. This way, even if there’s nothing else at the party that you choose to eat, you have something delicious and plentiful, plus you know exactly what’s in it. An added bonus? You get to show others that nutrient-dense, physique-friendly foods can be palate-pleasing, too!
Great salsa recipe from JillFit!
Healthy party dishes for your holiday fete! Sources
clockwise from upper-left: Taste As You Go ~ Pinterest ~
Secondly, consider eating a hearty serving of protein and veggies before you leave. That way you walk into the party ready to mingle instead of make a bee line directly to the dessert table. A protein shake with a fiber supplement added could suffice here, and its ease and portability makes it a great option if you’re short on time or heading to your party straight from work (or the gym!).
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