Today’s Tip:
Ramp up the metabolic resistance workouts and ease up on the cardio

Metabolic resistance training (MRT) is a type of training protocol where you perform a series of resistance-training exercises for reps or for time, resting as little as possible. MRT is an effective way to burn fat while simultaneously building muscle to improve body composition and overall work capacity. Because you are resting very little and moving either your bodyweight or some external weight, MRT leaves you breathless. This is the idea: you should be gasping for air.

MRT can be performed on its own for a short, effective workout, or you can add a session onto the tail-end of a lifting workout as a potent finisher. When you perform MRT, your aim should be to get as sweaty as possible and work as hard as possible. You get the benefits of cardio via the heart-pumping pace of the workout, and spend much less time to achieve the desired effect.

This is me completing an MRT circuit of ME (max effort)
box dips & OH squats

By cutting back on cardio, you will experience fewer negative effects like exercise-induced cravings and hunger. You’ll also find that you need fewer calories to get through your workouts because they’re shorter, so you’ll naturally be less hungry throughout the day. When you improve the ratio of body fat to lean muscle tissue, you will increase your resting metabolic rate so you burn more calories throughout the day. Plus the increased ratio of lean muscle mass to body fat means that your body can withstand a few extra calories here and there without any discernible negative physique changes.

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